Art of Marco Cipolletta


My name is Marco but you can call me Cippo,
for any commission please contact me via email providing all the specifications you need:

Name: [Your Name]
Character Name: [Your Character’s Name - optional]
Commission Type: [Halfbody/Fullbody - Sketched/colored]
Character Personality/Expressions: [descriptions on their personality are useful to understand your character a little]
Background type: [flat/abstract/complex]
Any other info: [Other information that doesn’t fit into the above categories]

Please attach the reference pics (name and photos of the character if you are asking for a fanart, sketches you are asking for an illustration of your original character) and any other information that you feel might help. For half bodies/full-bodies please give me clear idea of your character’s clothing and reference pics of the poses you’d like for them (you can took photos from videogame, anime, real life). For the backgrounds send me any suggestion (screenshot of your favorite game scenes, landscape photos or everything you want).
The more references you provide, the less of a chance that I will misinterpret what you want!

I will send you a rough sketch for composition and general pose/positioning for your approval.
Any major changes you want should be communicated here!If I don’t reply within 3 days, please feel free to send me another email or write me on Instagram!

  • I can provide files in JPG, PDF and PNG format;

  • I generally work on A3 format with 300 dpi resolution, for any specific request please let me know;

  • give me all the references and details to best respect your requests;

  • you can upload the finished piece online on your favorite site/social as long as you give me the original credit (@c.ppoart on any social);

  • Payments must be made via paypal in €;

  • I retain the rights to my art and will put the pieces up as part of my portfolio online/personal social network. (Please drop me your online username if you want me to tag or mention you when I post!) If you disagree with this point, please discuss it eith me at the beginning;

  • for any doubt or question write me.

Basic commission

  • I will draw a sketch in grey scale or line art

  • High Resolution

  • No Background

  • No color

  • Full body character

  • One figure

  • Revision 1

  • Delivery time 3 days

Price : 20€

Standard commission

  • I will draw a character in color without background

  • High resolution

  • No Background

  • Color

  • Full body character

  • One figure

  • Revision 2

  • Delivery time 7 days

Price: 50€

Advanced commission

  • I will draw a character in color with background

  • High resolution

  • Background

  • Color

  • Full body character

  • One figure

  • Revision 2

  • Delivery time 10 days

Price: 100€


I was born in Genoa, Italy in 1994 and since childhood I' ve been passionat about creating characters
of all kinds. I attended an artistic high school, I graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts
in Genoa, where I am currently completing the two-year course of illustration and I attended a master
in digital illustration.

I am a big fan of video games, movies, TV series, comics, books and more.

My main interest is in character and creature design, I currently still live in Genoa and I am active
as a freelance illustrator.


If you have any questions or if you are interested in my work feel free to contact me by email or direct message on my channels, check the icons you see below.
Thank you for your time!

e-mail: [email protected]